A regular schedule of updates should be maintained for your computer system. The manufacturer of your hardware and/or your software are constantly improving speed & reliability to maintain an edge over their competition. Take advantage of it. Visit them online (nowadays, the manufacturer of the software might update you automatically) and see what they can offer you – many times for free.

Hardware and Software (every 6 months)

Component parts of your system such as video cards, sound cards and modems, as well as secondary storage systems such as removable media devices, scanners, cameras, and network cards should be checked for updates through the manufacturer's website every six months. Download any updates and store them in a subfolder named Hardware Updates in your Documents folder.

Software updates to your favorite programs are available at the manufacturer's website. The time frame for your updating depends on how you search for them. If you are going out to each manufacturer’s website, I recommend a schedule of every six months. If your program automatically checks for updates, then do it every time you use your program. Again, store any updates you get in a subfolder named Software Updates in your Documents folder.