"Scott helped me with PC problems when I lived in Hillsboro for 2 years and when I had to move to San Jose, no one here in the computer capital of the world, comes close to his ability so I still give him a call when a problem comes up."

Russell S., San Jose, CA

"Nothing sells a service better than a happy client!  Since I first began using his service approximately ten years ago, Scott Burr of Paradigm Concepts LLC has always 'been there' - 'responded in a timely manner' whenever I've requested his service, even if it was just to answer a question I might have!  It's great to know that he is there whenever I need his professional assistance!  I highly recommend Paradigm Concepts LLC!"

Lois B., Vancouver, WA

"Scott has been my guide into the world of computers for many years. He has patiently trained me, corrected problems with my computers, helped with upgrades, and advised me on selection of software. I find him friendly, professional, and invaluable in dealing with all things related to computers. His willingness to work with or around a problem seems infinite. I would confidently recommend him to anyone needing computer services."

Pearl A., Roseburg, OR

"Scott has been my geek for over seven years through three computers. He has always been able to fix any thing I have managed to mess up. My problem is I experiment too much so every year I must have him out to square away any problems I have caused in the past year. I highly recommend his service. You won't be sorry. I have recommended many people and they have all thanked me."

William K., Milwaukie, OR

"I was very pleased with the fast efficient service I received from Scott when he recently took care of system updates and minor problems I had with my computer (they were major to me, however, as I did not know how to fix them). I would highly recommend him for timely and professional service."

Jo C. Vancouver, WA

“Scott has been my computer 'guru' for many years and always has the answer to any questions I have regarding my computer problems. He does not hesitate to offer suggestions how to fix the problem so that it does not recur in the future.”

Chuck K. Beaverton, OR

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