Replacement for passwords!

Today, there are some new ideas for replacing the current standard password system. Just think, no more unique passwords for every site you visit – you either use a fingerprint, iris scan, or facial scan to login to secure websites or use a single login that creates a unique ID for every website you visit!

Two current ideas for the latter are GRC's open source SQRL and a company backed FIDO standard.

My money is on SQRL as it does not have any non-encrypted information stored on website servers, so they cannot be hacked like we have seen over the past few years (notably like the breakins to Target, Home Depot and Sony as well as the financial companies of JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, ETrade, PayPal and TD Ameritrade).

Make your opinion known at your favorite websites that you want a more secure way to login by using either SQRL or FIDO!